It’s Getting Old; But There’s More than One Way to Crack an Egg.

I refuse to write about politics, religion, or sexual orientation, besides having a lack of knowledge on the later the previous are way too controversial. I must admit I listened to the Press Conference today, lordy lordy gordy. I can’t hear anyway so my comment on it will make more sense; it sounded to me much like a small airplane fighting it’s way against the wind high in the air. The monotone made my brain a bit mushy. It doesn’t affect my life in the least listening as it wasn’t positive or negative it was just merely stuff.

Spending the morning in the garden is always a good way to begin, sitting amidst the plants,boxes, and trees is a quiet calm spot to watch the world go by. It’s a form of mediation conscientiously filtering out the negative to allow all of the natural influences to occupy my being. I’m not sure where the quote originated however I repeat it often. “If you have the time spend 1/2 hour in nature, if you don’t spend an hour or two.” It’s more often impossible for those who work, at this point in my life it has become my main focus. I have a hard time distinguishing between the Natural World, Reality, and the Spirit World.

I ordered my entire garden on-line through a seed company. I understood at the time (March 15th) it would take a while to fill the order and I was willing to wait. Wait that is until yesterday morning when I called them to check the progress. The unfortunate lady receptionist informed me they would not arrive until the end of July. I had not heard a peep from them in all of that time, but I refuse to use this venue to rant. I cancelled my order telling the young lady she seemed very sweet indeed and my frustration has nothing to do with her. I’m sure she gets an ear full nearly every minute of every day, I did not add to it. I’ve planted plenty of vegetables, like baseball there is always next year.

I received another phone call from the maker of my old wheelchair, It wouldn’t be fair for me to expose the brand name. She called to ask if I would like to purchase some sort of a lift thing for the car. I replied by telling her I junked the chair because I was unable to get in contact with her company. Telling her the company she works for has no customer service, I wanted to repair my chair if possible but after waiting for a return call that never came for six months I lost hope.

Both of these companies are on-line and far removed from my location which has led me to make a decision; no more high dollar stuff will be ordered on-line.

I will purchase on-line but only from local businesses where I can physically visit if there is a problem that arises. The case I’d like to point out is I am going to purchase a new camera from a local dealer 30 miles from here; yes that’s local. Family owned local businesses are in my wheelhouse, I’m tired of not having calls returned, no way to contact the vendors, and being hung up on. I want someone to talk to face to face if that is what it takes to resolve an issue.

That’s where I’m at on an overcast day waiting for the rain, or not.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

2 responses to “It’s Getting Old; But There’s More than One Way to Crack an Egg.”

  1. Seeds have been hard to find in stores or on line. The one thing I forgot until too late
    It’s even more impossible these days to get anyone on the phone within company that has any desire to help or has the authority to help.
    Local has once again become the better way to live

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  2. During the first years of purchasing on the internet, the spirit was to look at items of interest in the brick and mortar stores then go to the internet for lower prices. Now I have seen prices nearly the same between established stores and E-commerce. With customer service now extinct on the internet, I’m going back to buying local. I will order online however I will at least call the store to explain why I decided to purchase from them expecting to be able to gain satisfaction from them in the event there is an issue. Thanks for commenting.

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