This is the way we learn.

Today was in contrast to yesterday the weather was nice, no dust, smog or low visibility. I took a few photos however I spent most of the time tossing the ball for skunk-puppy. I can’t figure out if she is dim-witted or extremely intelligent.

I will post random photos in this blog; all I took this morning did not make it through the wash.

I decided to take advantage of the down day yesterday, I had to stay inside all day due to the smoke/dust/smog storm. I cleaned up my photo archives storing some in a 2t external drive and deleting over 1500 others. It was a mistake many pictures I intended to keep were tossed into the trash. Now I’m faced with restoring Lightroom Classic to an earlier date; I’m confident I will be able to figure that out. the downside is I will have to re-visit cleaning up the archives to save some storage space. As I tell all the kids “that’s how we learn.” My problem with that is why do I have to keep re-learning so much stuff; I choose to believe it’s a common issue.

I took the photo a few days ago, I nearly deleted it but it has an attractiveness to it that I can’t ignore. The Egrets fly from one spot to another in search of a meal. I took several images of one today but none were keepers; it was my own fault. The camera was not set up correctly, I did not check closely enough and it must have been for the past few days. My focus was not working correctly until I discovered I had taken it off of the mode that focuses on approaching subjects.

Generally my focus is good as displayed in the picture of the Green Heron above. I had an opportunity to capture an image of another at dusk today but the bird went under a dock approach deep into shadows. The Sun was setting rapidly I was out until it set, until that time the light was perfect and in the correct spot. All the critters turned in early tonight however I saw a Great Blue Heron after dark fly past the window. My skills are not developed enough to take photos of flying birds in the dark, I’m sure some one can but it isn’t me.

A photo in Black/White of a Raven flying past. The Crows and Ravens are returning to the slough I suspect it’s the same Mobs as they are displaying some habits I have seen over the years. The most obvious is that two birds will take off from the Tree just after dawn then make a huge loop over the pasture. After returning to their perches the entire Mob will leave the nesting area to scavenge for food.

They fly directly over the Hay Barn covering nearly the entire Island during the inspections.

Yesterday this scene was obscured by what ever the stuff blowing around in the atmosphere was, the general consensus is it was dust and soil. It came up so rapidly I didn’t know what it was, but apparently the fallow farm acreage is unprotected by a cover. The wind picked up the soil and sent it our way; I’m blaming it for my loss of pictures.

The wind wasn’t any different then it was all summer long in fact it was blowing at 15mph when our average is 25mph. However it must of blown across farms at higher velocities than they normally experience; it had been predicted for high winds tonight but there is not a whisper of it yet.

The contractor removed then re-set three large windows today, three more tomorrow; I wonder if these repairs will ever end.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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