Wow, Just Wow; A Problem on the Levee.

Rising at 5 am again isn’t too bad, when I was a productive member of society I got out of bed at 4 am to arrive at work by 6 am. In those days 5 hours of sleep was not uncommon, many times after working overtime sleep was less. None the less here I am at 5 again metering out new medications and treating pain until about 9 when the day begins.

Totally unrelated photo.

Microwaved coffee from yesterday spiked with Swiss Miss milk chocolate watching the day wake up. It was a nice morning without a hint of wind, temperature 65° F (18.33° C), I call them San Diego mornings.

An SUV came down the levee, I didn’t know her at the time but as the day wore on I was acquainted to her on line and jumped to her defense.

I decided to re-open my Facebook page, I’m beginning to realize it was a mistake, social media stinks in a small town.

My decision to go back was driven by my need to keep up with the developments of Agent Orange claims with the VA, it’s not earth shaking it’s merely packed with useful information.

Unrelated photo

I’m not a big group joiner, in fact I have never joined a group in my life with the exception of the Agent Orange page. Well the Island has a page that is an absolute abomination; full of arguments and loony toon statements. I saw that I was let back into it so I checked it out this morning around 11 am; that’s when I saw a disturbing comment. Some one told the lady in the SUV she was not allowed to drive down the levee, actually running out of the house waving her arms the home owner was irate. She was also way out of line, worried her lawn was being torn up. Remember this it is about some grass.

The lady driving the SUV (I waved and smiled as she went past) posted on Facebook that someone attempted to stop her from using our levee. Can you feel my blood boiling? Well the temperature increased after I read the reason she was driving to her home upstream. The lady does not need a reason to use the levee it’s her’s as it is mine; she doesn’t need to explain herself to anyone. Her husband has Cancer that may be terminal, he broke his hip as well, rendering him unable to walk down (or up) 3 stories of stairs. Just what the lady needs is a neighbor to hand her grief because her grass is being trampled.

These people are called “Bay Area Elite,” they visit the Island then immediately decide they like the lifestyle. They buy a house thinking they will fit right in, which some do very well; others not so much. What they fail to realize is they are buying into a lifestyle, they are entering our Culture. After unpacking all of their stuff and moving in they decide the best thing for them to do is to make a big splash and straighten the rest of us out. As they begin their attempt to turn the Island into the steamy cesspool they moved to escape from, they act as if they are William the Conqueror. Not understanding the first thing about rural living they actually stop at peoples houses telling them to clean up their mess, paint their house, and repair the fence; after all it’s affecting their precious home value. The shack they bought is an investment for them which they will sell in a second for the highest price then brag to their entitled friends from where ever they climbed out from under just how successful they are.

That attitude trumps the emotional support that a young mother is in need of while raising 3 small kids and caretaker of a husband dying of Cancer with a broken hip. The complainer needs to leave our Island, our Culture, our Lifestyle, and our Homes. I let them have it, and I hope to again tomorrow as well as the next day.

All for a few blades of grass, I’m sorry I’ve had all I can take from these people.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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