Next Week Will Be Better; I’ll be able to see again.

Cataract surgery was last Monday June 1, 2020, I’m writing this the Sunday before May 31. My Doctor told me I have to stay inside all weekend, he then sent me a list of things I need to do to prepare. I’m ready and excited for it to happen and be over. On the other side I won’t be able to read, watch TV, or blog for at least two weeks. I will see how many I will be able to write today, I’ve done three so far.

A new day soon.

I cannot go outside for those two weeks as well, especially in the constant wind we have, but I’m going to ask the Doctor if I wear goggles maybe I will be able to. (I’ll have to keep it secret from you know who, that will become victim to a rule for sure.) Not only do I deal with the Doctors orders but I have to contend with the list of requirements from my personal medical department here at the house. Mrs. Lebec is a rule maker, unfortunatly she doesn’t tell me what they are until after I have corrupted one. Such as “You need to wear a hat and sunglasses along with you face mask even when you’re inside the house, you are more exposed to the C-19″, yeh OK. ” No nothing to eat or drink before you go Monday, oh and you can’t take your medication.” yeh OK (even though she’s wrong about it I don’t have the heart to tell her). “You can’t pet the dog, rub your eye, or drink anything but water for the entire week while you are in bed.” You’re nuts I’m thinking. But the list goes on, she told me yesterday I am no longer welcome in the kitchen something may jump into my eye then I’d be in real trouble. Yeh OK.

Oh look I told Mrs. Lebec they built a new house across the road.”No, that’s a stack of wood you blind old bat.” She replied, ” What, I can’t hear you.” said I..

I had indigestion in the middle of the night, 2 am last week so I went upstairs to drink some of the anti-acid stuff of which I don’t recall the name. Climbing back into bed I heard her voice, “where have you been?” What the heck I thought, all I want is to fall back to sleep, I answered “Down at the tavern I wanted a burger.” After that I told her what was up.

“You need to sit on the edge of the bed for 5 minutes.” She said with authority. “Then when you lay down only lay on your left side.” she added. “Don’t drink any water for 1/2 hour.” she proclaimed. Wrapping it up she declared “You need to elevate your feet for one hour after taking it.

” I replied “Your nuts.” She sat up in bed looking at me through the darkness.

“Believe me I did a lot of research on google about anti-acids, what were you planning?”

Planning I thought, I have made no plans for taking anti-acid but I answered her anyway, “I planned to take two big swallows and pray to god it works.”

“That’s the dumbest plan I ever heard of.” she answered.

“No, it isn’t, good night.” I replied.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

5 responses to “Next Week Will Be Better; I’ll be able to see again.”

  1. Hope you get through the next two weeks ok. Can’t say too much against wives or women, because I am a woman. Do know I often say too much to my husband – because of his health. Eventually when I realize he is not listening – I shut up. Ha Ha Too bad you cannot venture outside as much as you wish. Good luck.


  2. Yes, it is thank you. I didn’t know the new lenses would have UV protection to cut down on glare it isn’t a shade but still a wonder of modern medicine. My old eyes are now 25/20 and 20/20.


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