This Little Bird was the only one out in the heat.

Hot weather is interesting it makes me think of becoming a day sleeper and night Owl. It’s nice early in the morning drinking coffee on the water side with a slight breeze carrying the 65°F (18.33°C) directly into my lap. Few animals were out, the only noticeable movement was the dog catcher drove by me and Skunkpuppy; I told her to behave for a few minutes and for crying out loud don’t chase him. Someone had to have called, more people are moving here from the City, they are intolerant. They visit for a weekend, decide this is a great place to live due to our laid back culture. After buying a house they unpack their luggage and begin attempting to change it to mimic where they came from. Calling the dog catcher is just the tip of the iceberg.

This fledgeling was the only game in town this morning, he flew directly towards me making an emergency landing amongst these rocks (we call it riff-raff) on a soft spot of straw.

It had the appearance of confidence lacking basic fear, being so young he hasn’t learned any lessons yet. He is a good flyer albeit for short distances he’s better at hopping around.

Her second perch was upon this faded split log, she seemed to be curious about me; I was most likely the first animal she has ever seen. But she reeked of confidence to the point of nearly being obnoxious. That is the reason I am going between refering to him/her alternately from one sex to the other.

He hoped onto this whole log without a care in the world. I did not see his parents although I’m confident they were close observing from the safety of a tree. He flew away in short hops, by the end of today his flying abilities will be much improved.

I’ve never considered myself to be a true bird watcher until I read a recent article on line. In it the author stated during the C-19 the interest has increased tremendously. Then after looking on my YouTube channels consisting mostly of wild life videos I must say it certainly appears that I am a bird watcher. But then again most of us are actually, it may be because they make it so easy to watch them, photographing them is an entirely different aspect.

The promise of a new day. This photo was taken three weeks ago.

Now that it’s 107°F (41.66°C) all activity has ceased while I wait for the Air Conditioning repair man to arrive; he is a very good service oriented man. He has been here one time prior, he refused to charge us for the visit but we paid him anyway.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

One response to “This Little Bird was the only one out in the heat.”

  1. A young bird with a lot to learn. Love watching the parents feed their young. I am definitely a bird watcher. Your temperatures sound awful. It is only suppose to be 90 here today, but the humidity makes it feel worse. Our air-conditioner decided to stop working Saturday. We put a window air conditioner in (which we had) – not in the mood to go find another central air until with covid-19 going on. Yes, you might sleep days and roam around at night. I have done that a few times over the years – love those stars in the sky at night.


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